Alma Latina is a database of Mexican telenovelas, actresses and actors. This is a unique telenovelas OPEN PROJECT, which means the entire site was created by users, just like yourself! The difference between Alma Latina and other sites about telenovelas is that this site was NOT built by one webmaster and his/her personal knowledge and research. This site totally consists of submissions that folks all around the globe sent us every day.

It's very important that the users of this site realize how the site was built. We don't represent any company or organization. We have no connection with actors, actresses, TV stations or telenovelas production companies. We don't provide with information upon request. We cannot answer your questions. Everything we know is on the site..

Currently, there are 1173 handmade (not some program generated!) pages on the site dedicted to telenovelas, actors and actresses. And growing!!!

Our very special thanks for a priceless contribution to this site go to: Luis Roberto from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico; Carlos Valdez Maldonado from Monterrey, NL, Mexico; Gianni Pinotti from Genova, Italy; Jesús Ibarra from Mexico; Silvi from Peru; Diego Plata Sanchez from Huamantla Tlaxcala, Mexico; Marco Velarde from Monterrey, NL, Mexico; Héctor Orlando Rojas Toro from Casablanca, Quinta Región, Chile; Héctor Pina from El Paso, Texas; Francisco from Peru; Diego Lesgart from Argentina; Lucas from Brazil; Jairo Yupanqui from Lima, Peru; and to all our anonymous contributors without whom this site wouldn't be possible.

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