Bobby Larios

Bobby Larios

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Name: Bobby Larios
Siblings: sister Alejandra (died from cancer) and younger brother
Marital status: married
Spouse: Niurka Marcos, actress and singer
Ex-spouse: Otilia Moralo
Children: son with Otilia
Occupation: actor, model, singer


"Lo veremos todo con Niurka y Bobby" (2004) Realty Show .... Himself
"Big Brother VIP Mexico 3" (2004) Realty Show .... Himself
"Velo de novia" (2003) Telenovela .... Beto
"Clase 406" (2002) Telenovela .... César
"Vías del amor, Las" (2002) Telenovela .... Julián de la Colina
"Tres mujeres" (1999) Telenovela .... Mauro
"Mujeres engañadas" (1999) Telenovela


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Bobby Larios

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