Natalia Streignard

Natalia Streignard


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Name: Natalia Martínez-Streignard Negri
Date of Birth: September 9, 1970
City: Madrid
Country: Spain
Father: Jacques Martinez-Streignard
Mother: Juana Negri Lando
Siblings: 2 brothers, Fernando and Javier, and 2 sisters, Virginia and Diana. Natalia is the youngest. She has several nieces & nephews (all of her siblings have children)
Marital status: married
Spouse: Mario Cimarro, actor
Pets: white Persian cat named "Pompeyo"
Other facts: Contestant at the Miss Venezuela 1991 Pageant for the Miss Universe 1992 Pageant
Height: 5'9"
Occupation: actress
Resides: Caracas, Venzuela


"Tormenta, La" (2005) Telenovela
"Anita, no te rajes" (2004) Telenovela .... Ariana Dupont
"Mi Gorda Bella" (2003) Telenovela .... Valentina
"Soledad" (2001) Telenovela .... Debora
"La niña de mis ojos" (2001) Telenovela .... Isabel
"Mi destino eres tú" (2000) Telenovela .... Sofía
"Mujer de mi vida, La" (1998) Telenovela .... Barbarita
"Sol de tentacion" (1996) Telenovela .... Sol Romero
"Dulce enemiga" (1995) Telenovela .... Maria Laura
"Pedacito de cielo" (1993) Telenovela .... Angelina


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Mario Cimarro regresó con Natalia
Natalia Streignard se integra a Soledad


- by anonymous
Her full name is Natalia Martinez-Streignard Negri. Her mother's full name is Juana Negri Lando. Her sisters names are Virginia Martinez-Streignard Negri and Diana Martinez-Streignard Negri. Diana's daughter, Teresa Assaf Martinez-Streignard (Natalia's niece) was flower girl in Natalia & Mario's wedding. She was eight years old at the time. Teresa loves and idolizes Natalia. She also loved sharing the spotlight with Natalia during the wedding, and gave Natalia several hugs and kisses throughout the wedding ceremony and reception. Diana's son, Eli Assaf Martinez-Streignard (Natalia's nephew) was the ringbearer in Natalia & Mario's wedding. He was 3 years old at the time and he had Natalia's dressed pinned to the floor as she was walking down the aisle. Natalia's other nephew is Alejandro Bresolin Martinez-Streignard. He was born to her sister, Virginia, two years after the wedding.

Natalia Streignard

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