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(1998) - Ruddy Rodriguez, Leonardo García

Summary of Aguamarina

On the heels of two tragedies - a hurricane which destroys her home and drives her family to the bustling city of Miami and the untimely death of her father there - Marina and her younger sister, Celeste, are left alone and impoverished in a strange city. Illiterate and a bit clumsy, Marina finds it nearly impossible to find a job and ends up working as a lowly maid in the house of the wealthy Calatraves family, who run a lucrative modeling agency. Marina's beauty catches the attention of the son of the house, Ricardo, and his friend, Diego, two handsome playboys who promptly lay bets on who will seduce her first. For Diego, who is engaged to Ricardo's high-fashion model sister, Verona, it's just another game. But a passionate kiss with Marina one steamy night affects him more than he thought possible and Diego finds himself falling in love. Unfortunately, the cunning Ricardo has no intention of losing their bet.


Ruddy Rodriguez .... Marina
Leonardo García .... Diego
Mara Croatto .... Verona
Fernando Carrera .... Ricardo
Zully Montero .... Dona Augusta
Oswaldo Calvo .... Don Julio
Norma Zuñiga .... Renata
Hans Christopher .... Watusi
Denise Novell .... Celeste
Mario Martin .... Silverio
Griselda Noguera .... Germanica
Eduardo Ibarrola .... Schwarzenegger
Marcela Cardona .... Pilar
Lino Ferrer .... Giorgio
Marisol Calero .... Penelope
Alexandra Navarro .... Danielita
Kristian de la Osa .... Juanito
Reinaldo Miravalles
Fedra Lopez
Rosa Felipe
Humberto Rossenfeld
Orlando Cassin
Sofia Capriel
Emilio Plana
Juanita Baro
Omar Moynelo
Irina Rodriguez
George Tapia
Vivian Ruiz
Claudia Huidorro

Writing credits
Leonardo Padron
Doris Segui
Elsa Echevarria
Henry Herrera

Song "Aguamarina"
Singing: José David Diaz

Directed by
José A. Ferrara

Produced by
Igor Manrique
Maria Gabriela Alarcon
Sabrina Zampa
Alfredo Schwarz

Telemundo Network and Fonovision Productions Inc


- by anonymous
"Aguamarina" is the best soap ever even though it have a character named Schwarzenegger.

- by anonymous
No me arrecuerdo mucho de "Aguamarina" pero di me arrecuerdo que Ruddy Rodriguez es una fabulosa actriz al igual que la robaescenas de Mara Croatto... y claro que Leonardo Garcia esta buenisimo.

- by anonymous
Aguamarina fue una de las mejores telenovelas que produjo fonovideo, tuvo una buena historia, excelentes escenarios, y un elenco de actores muy experimentados en la television. quisiera volver a ver esta produccion.

- by Roxana
Yo pienso que aguamarina dentro de todas las novelas que he visto se destaca dentro de las mejores ruddy y leonardo hicieron un papel fantastico en esta novela.


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