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(1999) - Gaby Espino, René Lavan

Summary of Enamorada

Abandoned on a stranger's porch at age two, Ivana was lucky enough to have been adopted by the loving but poor family who took her in. Despite her sad beginnings, she grew into a happy, imaginative and good-hearted girl who is cherished by her new family. A high-school dropout, she works very hard to help them stay afloat financially, but every day she goes to the beach with her dog to spy on Raimundo, a handsome young man who jogs there each morning. When they meet by accident, Ivana goes overboard trying to impress him, exaggerating her educational reality and her family's fortunes. The fantasy continues at home where she cheerfully informs her family that Raimundo is her boyfriend and that they are going to be married. But when destiny brings Raimundo face-to-face with Ivana's family, Ivana's web of lies not only gets Raimundo into trouble with his actual girlfriend and throws his life into chaos, but also threatens to destroy the dreams of a girl who was only acting under the influence of love.


Gaby Espino .... Ivana
René Lavan .... Raimundo
Lilibeth Morillo .... Cristina
Carlos Mata .... Augusto
Karina .... Rosita
Adolfo Cubas .... Rafael
Lili Rentería .... Sonia
Carlos Cuervo .... Tony
Marita Capote .... Rosario
Juan A. Baptista .... Ricky
Flávia Gleske .... Patty
Carol Barba .... Jenny
Joel Núñez .... Eduardo
Lady Noriega .... Laura
Germán Barrios .... Bartolo
Lucy Orta .... Esther
José Luis Franco .... Robert
Flor de Loto .... Herminia
Norma Zúñiga .... Sor Angelines
Claudia Reyes .... Sor Serena
Tessy Castilla .... Rosemary
Orlando Casín .... Padre Rodrigo
Carolina Perdigón .... Delia
Cristina Ovio .... Virginia
Pedro Rentería .... Leopoldo
Juan David Ferrer .... Aristides
María Camila .... Maribel

Song "Enamorada"
Singing: Carlos Mata

Original music by
Alejandro Campos

Cinematography by
Eduardo Dávila

Art Direction by
Raúl de la Nuez

Sound Department
Ramón Díaz .... sound operator
Jesús Mata .... boom operator
Ruth A. Ramírez .... boom operator

Other crew
Javier Aguilar .... video operator
Miguel Ángel Cejudo .... camera operator
Raúl Díaz .... unit manager
Enrique García .... switcher
Adrian Hernández .... camera operator
Saúl Hernández .... video operator
Horacio León .... lighting
Carlos Manzano .... camera operator
Rafael Martínez .... lighting
Eduardo Mora Ojeda .... camera operator
Arturo Reyes .... lighting
Arquimedes Rivero .... executive consultant
Juan Luis Rodríguez .... camera operator

Production Manager
Igor Manrique

Directed by
José A. Ferrara

Fonovideo and Venevision


"Enamorada" is a remake of telenovela "Alba Marina" (1988, Venevision) with Karina and Proyecto M.


- by anonymous
Gaby Espino es preciosa y ami sinceramente que me encanto la actuacion de Lilibeth Morillo en esta novela, tambien la de Karina y Carlos Mata, las otras actuaciones dieron por sobrar y la historia no era tan unica.


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Enamorada at Vencor


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