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(1994) - Eduardo Yañez, Adela Noriega

Summary of Guadalupe

This is the story of a man and a woman who by circumstances are dragged into a vortex of love and hatred. She is humble, shy and lame from birth. He is attractive, arrogant and self-confident. She is tender, trusted, full of fantasies. He is tough, cold, calculating, with a determination to carry out his plans. The evilness of others will make their destinies to cross. Guadalupe is a daughter of a ruthless man who only thinks of becoming rich, and who abandoned her when she was just born. Only before his death, being afraid of being punished by God, he makes her the only heiress, leaving his relatives with nothing. Guadalupe, who is not interested in money, arrives anxious to find the home and family she never had; but she finds herself in a nest of vipers, where they consider her an intruder and wish to destroy her. Because of her innocence she falls a victim of the passions of those to whom she wanted to offer love. The sweet girl transforms and takes control over the situation, facing the resentment, ambition and the oath that the loved man forces her to curse, spoiling tragically the feelings that have arisen already in their hearts.


Adela Noriega .... Guadalupe
Eduardo Yañez .... Alfredo Robinson
Nattacha Amador .... Cira
Yurianne Andrade .... Lizzie
Marcos Casanova .... Isidoro
Braulio Castillo hijo .... Alejandro
Gretell Celeiro .... Daniela
Mara Croato .... Diana
Carlos Cuervo .... Titon
Frank Falcon .... Chuchu
Rosa Felipe .... Luisa's mother
Maribel González .... Cachita
Miguel Gutiérrez .... Ezechiel Sambrano
Alexa Kube .... Perla
Paloma Longa .... Violeta
Isaura Mendoza .... Katalina
Zully Montero .... Luisa
Carlos Ponce .... Willy
Tina Morgate .... Betty
Javier A. Pardo .... Coquito
Leticia Peña .... Maricusa
Salvador Pineda .... Antonio
Larry Villanueva .... Henry
Manolo Villaverde .... Carlo
Mayte Vilán .... Chena
Flor de Loto .... Alicia
J.Saldarriaga .... Dora
Juan C.Anton .... Harry
Tina Morcate .... Betty
Oscar Corbella .... Ricardo
Santy .... Ernesto Arango
Barbie Hernan .... Pucha
Walter Valentino .... Tigre
Nury Flores .... Raquel
Raquel Montero .... Glenda
Minita Peneiro .... Esther
Alba Rosa .... Ines
Gerardo Riveron ..... Dr.Medina
Laura Termini .... Marilyn
George Tapia .... Juan Domingo
Ray Garaza .... Fucho
Margarita Coego .... Maggie
Miguel A.Cancio .... Rocky
Gabriel Casanova .... Dr.Ferrer
Miryam Ochoa
Laura Fabian
Griselda Noguera
Jean Pierre Noher
Hector Travieso
Marilyn Romero
Angel Espasande
Gellerman Baralt
Hada Bejar
Tessy Castilla
Glenda Diaz Rigau
Emiliano Diez
Ivon D'Liz
Nelson Guerrero
Julia Menendez

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo (original story)

Song "Guadalupe"
Roberto Livi, Alberto Campoy

Directed by
Andrei Zinca

Produced by
José Crousillat

Capitalvision Intl. Corp.


"Guadalupe" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "La heredera" (Venezuela) with Hilda Carrero and Eduardo Serrano.
2 version: telenovela "Adorable Monica" (Venezuela, Venevision, 1990) with Emma Rabbe and Guillermo Davila.
Further remake of "Guadalupe" is telenovela "Milagros" (Peru, American Producciones, 2000) with Sonya Smith and Roberto Mateos.


- by anonymous
I remember this novela as well, it also was transmitted while I was in high school. I remember that Adela Noriega was the super sweet Guadalupe, and that of all people, her aun Luisa was the worst. Luisa and Alfredo's aunt had this huge rivalry as the Zambranos had ordered all of the Robinson family executed. Alfredo's aunt lived and breathed for revenge, and this is why Alfredo wooed and married Guadalupe. I remember, towards the end of the novela, Luisa kills Alfredo's aunt and then takes off her shoes, walks into the ocean (very dramatic scene) and dies. Most ironically their caskets are in the same room for the viewing, with Alfredo's aunt all dressed in white 'like a bride'. I think Alfredo's aunt was actually his mother, but as he was a product of a rape which occured the day her family and husband died, she never admitted it. She hated him, because she was raped, but at the same time used him for her machnations against the Zambrano family.

- by anonymous
El retorno triunfal de Adela Noriega en México, transmitida por el canal 13 de TV Azteca la telenovela arrasó con las telenovelas de Televisa que se transmitían en el horario de las 19 horas. Lo excelente de esta telenovela fue aquella memorable e inolvidable cachetada con la que sentó Adela Noriega de trancazo a Zully Montero al pie de las escaleras de la mansión Zambrano delante de todo el elenco, que hasta suspendieron la grabacion y tuvo que ir al hospital. Lo malo, que Delia Fiallo con tal de hacer Kilometricas todas sus telenovelas acaba volviendo locas a las protagonistas, les roba el bebé y las mete al manicomio. Ya chole!!!

- by anonymous
Asi es, una telenovela buena pero muy larga, algo tipico en las historias de Delia Fiallo, no es necesario hacer tan larga una telenovela haciendola con mas de 300 capitulos, eso se aceptaba en la tv de los 70 pero ya en los 90 resultaba pesado para el televidente.

- by anonymous
En la versión original de Delia Fiallo a la protagonista no le robaban un bebé ni la encerraban en el manicomio. Si mal no recuerdo, me parece que ni siquiera estuvo preñada. Todo eso se lo añadieron a "Guadalupe" para estirarla, craso error.

- by anonymous
En la excelente version de "Guadalupe" rodada en Perú bajo el título de Milagros no vueleven loca a la protagonista, pero si le roba el bebe la malvada Raquel, adoro a Adela Noriega pero me gusto mucho mas "Mialgros".

- by anonymous
Esta fue una muy buena produccion, un poco larga pero siempre nos dejaba pidiendo mas. Aqui en Canada fue un exito. Sin duda alguna Adela Noriega es una de las mejores actrices de Mexico.



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