Inocente de Ti - Summary

Florecita starts a trip from Mexico to USA with her grandmother Cleotides and her sister Isela. They all head to the United States to reunite with their father Ruben, and two brothers Rodrigo and Victor, who currently live in Miami. During this trip they face difficulties and suffering because their grandmother dies in the desert. Both girls bury their grandmother in the desert and continue their way to Miami with sadness in their heart, but not giving up hope. After facing difficult moments they finally arrive in Miami, and there they find out that their father is an alcoholic. Also in the same city lives Gabriela, the mother of Flor, whom her children believe to be dead. Gabriela has remarried and now is a famous conductor of television. One day Florecita and Gabriela meet without knowing who one or the other is. Flor begins to work right away, selling flowers on the street and cleaning cars. One day in the park she meets Julio Alberto and his girlfriend, Gloria, they are preparing for their wedding. The same day they meet Flor, he buys Gloria a flower from Flor. On the day of their wedding Gloria dies right after the priest proclaims them husband and wife. Julio Alberto's heart turns cold and he no longer smiles at life. Once in a while he walks to the park where he and Gloria walked together and where they used to be so happy. In the park he sometimes sees Flor and starts talking to her. Little by little the smile of the innocent flower girl convinces him that life is not so empty. However the mother of Juilo Alberto, Rebeca, lives with her three children in the house of her twin sister Raquel, at her expense. Both sisters hate each other; and Rebeca is silently waiting for the death of her sister. Raquel knowing that she has cancer, will destroy her sister and leave all her fortune to the sweet young flower girl Flor, just so that Rebeca doesn't get a penny. The day when the will is read, Rebeca is furious that her sister gave all her money to that young girl. Believing that money is rightfully hers she makes her son Juilo Alberto get the young girl Flor to fall in love with him. With so many lies, Flor doesn't know anything that is going on around her. Because she is so innocent they take advantage of her. Rebeca comes up with an evil plan to steal the money from the young girl and throw her out on the streets. Flor doesn't care about losing her fortune because she was never rich in the first place. She is sad and disappointed because Julio Alberto lied to her and betrayed her, and she believed in him. She decides not to look back and move on like always, and finds a job as a maid, in the family of Dalmacci, where Sergio, their trouble making son, falls in love with Flor. He is fascinated by the goodness of her heart. Flor finds herself in a mixture of feelings, because Sergio wants to make her his wife. Then Julio Alberto re-enters Flors life, realizing that he is truly in love with her. He begs Flor to forgive him and return to him. Whom does her heart belong to now? Is it Juilo Alberto or Sergio?

Inocente de Ti

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