El Magnate

El Magnate


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(1990) - Andrés García, Ruddy Rodríguez

Summary of El Magnate

thanks to Gianni Pinotti
The story of "El magnate" turns around a love triangle: two men, Rodrigo Valverde and Gonzalo Santillan, who struggle to conquest Teresa's love. Rodrigo "El magnate", power thirsty, is disposed to marry an old woman, Aretusa, invalid and shrew, in order to become rich. But Teresa, beautiful and ambitious, arrives in Gonzalo's life. She is an actress in the third class productions with the screen name of María Fernandes. She is incited by her manager Julio to convince El Magnate to finance his film. Teresa falls in love with Rodrigo but he is Celelste's lover, a rebel and capricious girl. Gonzalo is a penniless, divorced architect, who loves beautiful women and race cars, but meeting Teresa will change his life. His violent and passionate love for Teresa will lead him to make foolish things. He will struggle obstinately against Rodrigo for this love and he will win.


Andrés García .... Gonzalo
Salvador Pineda .... Rodrigo
Ruddy Rodríguez .... Teresa
Giselda Noguera .... Aretusa
Laura Fabian .... Celeste
Pilar Brescia .... Violeta
Osvaldo Calvo .... Pedro
Teresa María Rojas .... Elena
Zully Montero .... Antonia
Luis Montero .... Agenor
Manolo Villaverde .... Pepe
Carmen Mora .... Francisca
German Barrios .... Ernesto
Ricardo Pald .... Julio
Velia Martínez .... Antonieta
Marilyn Romero .... Ines
Rosa Felipe .... Magdalena
Carlos Cano .... Mayor

Writing credits
Manuel Carlos (original story)

Produced by
Jose E. Crousillat

Capitalvision Intl. Corp.


- by anonymous
The price of power is unimportant to Rodrigo Valverde he takes a wife nearly twice his age, invalid and shrewish, return for a few moments of freedom. But Rodrigo has other plans. The instant that this woman dies, he shall sever the ties of hypocrisy that bind him, give him to life's pleasures. Aretusa kafavis a prisoner in a wheelchair, is aware of the short time she has to live. The head of a large empire, ARETUSA lives what remains of days facing a battalion of executives and what remains of her evenings in RODRIGO's shadow to whom she can no longer offer her charms.

- by Miguel from Ecuador
Muy buena producción, una de las primeras hechas en Miami con el concepto multi-nacional, actores de diferentes culturas, unidos en un pais Anglo. La trata excelente, inolvidable el final cuando Ruddy y Andres se quedan juntos, y el personaje de Salvador Pineda queda paralítico en una silla de ruedas. El tema musical de Barulio, muy bueno y adecuado para la novela.

El Magnate

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