La Mujer de Mi Vida

La Mujer de Mi Vida

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(1998) - Mario Cimarro, Natalia Streignard

Summary of La Mujer de Mi Vida

Barbarita, a poor beautiful girl, is married to Valentino Tompson, the son of the richest women in Miami. On their wedding night an accident happened and Barbarita was taken to a hospital and she was told that Valentino died. Ricarda (Valentino's mother) blamed Barbarita and wanted to revenge on her by telling Antonio Adolpho (Valentino's brother) to play with Barbarita's feelings. Antonio accepted the revenge, but when he was trying to play with her heart, the beauty and the kindness of Barbarita let him fall in love with her. Barbarita was pregnant from Valentino before he died, so 9 month later a baby boy was born and she called him Tinito. Ricarda didn't accept the fact that her second son is gonna be in love with Barbarita. So by legal terms she took the baby Tinito. Emilia is searching for her baby whom she abandonded 20 years ago and it's Barbarita...
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Natalia Streignard .... Barbarita
Mario Cimarro .... Antonio Adolfo
Lorena Meritano .... Alessandra
Anna Silvetti .... Ricarda
Mara Croato .... Katiuska
Lili Rentería .... Emilia
Gellerman Barait .... Valentino
Nury Flores .... Caridad
Marcela Cardona .... Susi
Humberto Rosenfeld .... Renato García
Ivon D'Liz .... Chela
German Barrios .... Severio
Pablo Duran .... Juan Pablo González
Claudia Reyes .... Jessica Duarte
Lino Ferrer .... Paquito
Flor de Loto .... Guadalupe Montesinos
Rosa Felipe .... Nana Maria
Frank Falcon .... Freddy
Alexa Kube .... Angela
Omar Moynelo .... Santiago
Carlos Cuervo .... Larry García
Fernando Carrera .... Fernado Marin
Orlando Casin .... Don Pipo
Liz Colenadro .... Lola García
Felix Manrique .... Valentino Tompson Ruiz
Martha Mijares .... Teresa Bustillos
Ileanna Simancas .... Pilar Reyes
Juan Troya .... German
Yina Velez .... Rosy
Claudia Barrios

Song "La Mujer de Mi Vida"
Singing: Ricardo Montaner

Produced by
Igor Manrique

Fonovideo Productions Inc., U.S.A


- by Diego Lesgart from Argentina
Tuve la oportunidad de ver esta novela y realmente me gusto. Sobre todo mi compatriota Lorena Meritano (la villana en la historia) una gran labor, al igual que la mexicana Anna Silvetti y la portorriqueña Mara Croato. Un elenco latino muy variado y muy bueno, gran realizacion en Miami con un libro de Mariela Romero (autora venezolana de "pluma diestra".) Todos los elementos para hacer una premiada y gran obra.

- by Zeina and Ahmad from Lebanon
We watched this series 4 times at least. We liked Barbarita and Antonio a lot and they really fit to each other as a couple, we were very disappointed when we heard that they are divorcing. At last we wish them the best luck in their life.

- by Wakungwi from Nairobi, Kenya
At first I avoided getting addicted to La Mujer. I couldn't resist the temptation as my wife and daughters control viewing. Today I am your number one fan of the show. Excellent. Strangely I find myself provoked by Ricarda Thompson.

- by Wafubwa from Nairobi, Kenya
Oh my! I just love the show but unfortunately we only get it on Sundays and Mondays here in Nairobi, Kenya. I just love Barbarita and Antonio Adolfo.

- by Rebecca from Nairobi, Kenya
Not bad but it lacks suspense.

- by Laura
It wasn't bad, but at the end it became somewhat boring, with Barbara's trying to get his son back and Alessandra doing her best to keep Antonio Adolfo by her side. Besides, the child who plays the role of Tinito is unbearable. And there's one thing I don't understand in any novela: why doesn't the police that thing to check whether the suspicious for murder have fired a gun? I thought it was a simple test, but in every novela where the protagonist is accused of murder, this test is never carried out. Don't you think it'd simplify the plot?



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La Mujer de Mi Vida

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