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(2003) - Mariana Seoane, Ricardo Alamo

Summary of Rebeca

Rebeca is a young woman who lives in Miami with her mother Matilde, and her two sisters Niurka and Patty. To support her family, she works as a delivery person in a grocery store in Miami, during the morning and in the afternoon she works in an autoshop cleaning cars. Her best friend since childhood, is her next door neighbor Martin. Martin is deeply in love with Rebeca. Besides her two jobs, she also goes to night school, because her great dream is to become a teacher. One day, in a hurry to turn her delivery, Rebeca crashes with another car who happens to be the great millionaire Eduardo Montalban. The accident that occurred is that he snaps at Rebeca, Rebeca feels bad hitting his car, at first they do not like each other, and since that day a romance will occur between them. When Eduardo became a widower, he has lived a life of resentment, because of family pressure he has accepted to marry Princesa, who is very selfish and snobbish, who thinks she is better than all. She will do anything to trap Eduardo Montalban. But his great love will be Rebeca. Through her friends, Rebeca will meet Sergio Montalban, a much older man who is attractive, and owner of a company of touring, also he will fall deeply in love with Rebeca. One night his son Eduardo will bring his new girlfriend to meet his family, Rebeca discovers that Sergio is the father of her boyfriend. Sergio will do anything to have Rebeca's love and does not want his own son robbing the woman he loves. He will fight for the love of Rebeca. Sergio and Princesa will do anything to separate Eduardo from Rebeca. Rebeca ignores one thing, Adalberto is the husband of Regina, her real father who abandoned her mother Matilde. Always near Rebeca will be her best friend Martin who will be her guardian angel and will never stop loving Rebeca. Even though Martin is loved by the generous Violeta, the daughter of his godmother.


Mariana Seoane .... Rebeca Linares - main heroine
Ricardo Alamo .... Eduardo Montalbán - main hero
Gaby Espino ..... Princesa Izaguirre - ex-girlfriend of Eduardo, villain
Pablo Montero .... Martín García - in love with Rebeca
Susana Dosamantes .... Matilde Linares - mother of Rebeca
Víctor Cámara .... Sergio Montalbán - father of Eduardo, in love with Rebeca
Ana Patrica Rojo .... Niurka Linares - sister of Rebeca
Jorge Luis Pila .... Nicolás Izaguirre - husband of Carolina, in love with Niurka
Katie Barberi .... Regina Montalbán - aunt of Eduardo, villain
Adrián Delagdo .... Liborio Sánchez - neighbor of Rebeca and Niurka
Elluz Peraza .... Sara Santos - accomplice of Regina, villain
Pablo Martín .... Tony Izaguirre - brother of Princesa, lover of Regina, villain
Anna Silvetti .... Dionisa Pérez - mother of Violeta
Leonard Daniel .... Adalberto Santander - real father of Rebeca, co-worker of Sergio
Patty Alvarez .... Leona Valverde - enemy of Niurka, sister of Leon, villain
Adolfo Cubas .... Natalio Gil - boss of Niurka, in love with her, villain
Griselda Noguera .... Petra Gómez - neigbor of Matilde
Eduardo Rodríguez .... León Valverde - friend of Tony, villain
Maite Embil .... Carolina Montalbán - sister of Eduardo
Elaiza Gil .... Arcoiris Ponce - neighbor of Rebeca
Yina Velez .... Estefanía Dorgia - friend of Princesa
Marian Valero .... Zaida Diaz - maid at Montalban's house
Cherrylin Silva .... Zafiro
Zhandra de Abreu .... Patty Linares - stepsister of Rebeca
Jacqueline García .... Violeta - in love with Martin
Majorie De Sousa .... Gissela - wife of Eduardo
Ana Karina Casanova .... Veronica
César Roman .... Beto Garcia - brother of Martin
Tatiana Capote .... Amanda - mother of Gissela
Adriana Coltellacci

Writing credits
Alberto Gómez (original story)

Song "Rebeca"
Written by Rudy Pérez
Singing: Mijares

Director of photography
Eduardo Dávila
Reinaldo Figueirari

Lisset Sánchez

Directed by
Arquímedes Rivero
Yaki Ortega
Freddi Trujillo

Produced by
Gemma Lombardi (general producer)
Alfredo Schwarz (executive producer)

Venevision and Fonovideo


thanks to anonymous
I am from Gibraltar and I see Rebeca from TVE channel in Spain. I agree soap operas specially south american ones are pretty intense slow and sometimes boring. I mean half of the things you cant beleive the other half just don't happen cause in real life they seem 100 percent impossible. But it only depends on the views if they have the time and brain capacity to dream on with them. It is about time south american producers get a move on and start produce real facts soap operas based on normal activites like falling in love having trouble to get along but just not making it almost impossible for them to be together only until the end. We need make ups and break ups all along we should not have to wait till the very end to see then finally snog each other at last ohh and for them to find their missing kid which the neighbour has hidden next door come on... you should see a telenovela from Chile which TVE Spain is now transmitting it's real life fact 7 brother with all their problems and their mother dying of cancer real life drama really nice great acting and funny too. Venevision has decided to produce their novela in the USA which is great the only improvemnt for them is the set and the clothes it look really rich not like before you used to get these people in the barrios. Come on lets pull up socks and make these soap operas much more life relating and and not one more of the same bull **** which no one not even my granny belives. One last thing Marlene Favela is very pretty but her acting almost killed me at leat Mariana in Rebeca acts more normal. How can these actresses represent to be poor and appear with great breast implants behind really tight tops, I don't understand?


- by Nicole from Nevada
Gata Salvaje was bad, Rebeca is ten time worse. This is the first time in 5 years that I don't watch any telenovela on Univision at 8 p.m. It used to be "my" time slot. Now I finish watching "Las Vias", then I switch the channel to smth else, then I switch back at 9 to "Nina amada mia". Rebeca is not just bad. It looks like some kind of punishment of Univision to its viewers. Oh please Fonovideo, don't make any more novelas!

- by anonymous
Univision deberia apuntar a otro tipo de producciones y no a los clasicos culebrones venezolanos por algo estan en USA y se ve un poco ridiculo que en una sociedad tan moderna pongan cenicientas, creo que en Miami o NY hay cenicientas mas reales.

- by anonymous
I neither speak Spanish nor understand it, but the first time I watched Rebeca (by accident) it kinda got my attention. I don't understand exactly what they say but I know a lot of words in Spanish so I kinda get the general idea of what they are talking about. I have not watched a Spanish novela since "Crossroads" I don't know its name in Spanish. I think Rebeca is interesting. It is a typical Spanish soap opera where you have to be very patient. I don't know how long it will take for Eduardo (cute) and Rebeca to reunite together I am guessing months maybe since he fell asleep on his wedding day in the middle of a road in his heavenly beautiful car. I can't take all that waiting so I am thinking about skiping the middle and picking up where Rebeca and Eduardo start coming together again. And by the way Sergio, get a life old man and find someone your age.

- by anonymous
I am completely hooked on Rebeca, even if it is slow at times, that is not like any other soap opera. Plus, it has greatly improved my Spanish, not to mention that all the actors are easy on the eyes. So even if I can't understand something, I can just stare at the beautiful actors.

- by anonymous

- by anonymous
Mientras la gente siga viendo estas tonterias, Univision va a seguir produciendolas. Economicamente les ha ido muy bien. Pero bien analizadas estas novelitas, como "La gata salvaje", "Angel rebelde" y esta "Rebeca", son una malhechura de pies a cabeza. Fallan en el casting, es decir en la seleccion de personajes, ya no digamos en la mezcolanza absurda de nacinalidades de los actores, sino en la concepcion de los personajes... en malas actuaciones y mala direccion, en adaptaciones horribles y poco creibles... ¿por que no hacer otro tipo de producciones mas sencillitas y menos pretenciosas, pero mas apegadas a la realidad gringa? ¿por que a la fuerza adaptar historias sudamericanas y meterlas con calzador a la fuerza en la sociedad estadounidense?.... Pero claro, mientras la gente sigamos viendo estos bodrios, ellos los seguiran produciendo. Lo chistoso es que en españa "Rebeca" esta en los primeros lugares de audiencia. ¡Valgame San Cuilmas! ¿A donde iremos a llegar?



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