La Revancha

La Revancha

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(2000) - Jorge Reyes, Danna García, Jorge Aravena

Summary of La Revancha

After their father's murder, young sisters Isabela and Soledad are separated. Isabela grows up in a world of luxury, provided for by her godfather, who adopted her; Soledad is raised by a woman she wrongly believes to be her mother, and who was actually a witness to the girl's father's murder. To protect her, she ran away with the child and has brought her up in a humble but loving home. Both sisters grow up to become beautiful women, never suspecting that destiny will one day reunite them to fight for the love of the same man. He is the distinguished cardiologist Alejandro Arciniegas, whom Soledad meets on the cruise ship where she works. From the very beginning, Alejandro and Soledad fall madly in love with each other, without giving a thought to their social differences. For Soledad, he is the love of her life, but she will painfully discover that Alejandro is the son of the man who murdered her father. And furthermore, that she has a very strong rival: her unknown sister Isabela, who also happens to be in love with Alejandro. At the same time, Jose Luis Hernandez, a humble and hard-working young man becomes obsessed with the idea of winning Soledad's heart. Unfortunately for him, Soledad's love for Alejandro only grows, as does Isabela's jealousy - an uncontrollable jealousy that will ultimately unleash a terrible force of hate and passion.


Danna García .... Soledad Santander/Mariana Ruiz
Jorge Reyes .... Alejandro Arciniegas
Marcela Pezet .... Isabela Ruiz
Jorge Aravena .... Reinaldo Arciniegas
Elluz Peraza .... Emperatriz Azcárraga
Henry Zakka .... Oscar Riverol
Patricia Álvarez .... Lola Cienfuegos
Alberto Mayagoitia .... Leonardo Manrique
Maritza Rodríguez .... Mercedes Riverol
Vicente Tepedino .... Jose Luis Hernández
Jorge Martínez .... Rodrigo Arciniegas
Raquel Bustos .... Rosarito
Juan Carlos Gutiérrez .... Sabas
Norma Zúñiga .... Providencia Santander
Ninel Conde .... Reina Azcárraga
Orlando Casín .... Santiago
Claudia Reyes .... Brenda
Yadira Santana .... Bernarda Rondón
Diana Quijano .... Lucia Arciniegas
Felix Manrique .... Kike Arciniegas
Lino Martoni .... Guillermo Arciniegas
Olimpia Maldonado .... Lupe
Rosa Felipe .... Doña Rosa
Martha Mijares .... Romelia Hernández
Rosalinda Rodríguez .... Tula
Omar Moynelo .... Alvaro Del Rosal
Juan David Ferrer .... Arturo Bustillos
Yoly Dominguez .... Fanny
Tatiana Capote .... Sandra Castillos

Writing credits
Mariela Romero

Song "Vuelve junto a mi"
Singing: Pablo Montero

Directed by
Pepe Sánchez

Produced by
Alfredo Schwarz

Venevision and Univision


"La Revancha" is a remake of telenovela "La Revancha" (Venezuela, 1989) with Rosalinda Serfaty and Jean-Carlos Simancas


- by Elizabeth from Kenya
It has been very painful for me as I wait for each episode. I feel angry because of Rodrigo Arciniegas and sad because Soledad and Alejandro. The pain is too much for Soledad. Since it has turned out that Alejandro is also a victim of his own father, will Soledad try to win his heart once more? I would love to see them get married.

- by anonymous
My heart goes to Alejandro, he should not pay for his father's mistakes? He deserves Soledad's Love. but the big question is " will soledad follow her heart and go for Alejandro, or will she will revenge for her father's death. Secondly is Isabela still in love with Alejandro? and if yes is it jealousy or hate that made her oppose her young sister's marriage to Alejandro? really wait for that.

- by Lynda Dafrosa from Kenya
I love this soap opera. I love the actors and the actresses coz its unbelievable how this people can make one to keep craving for the next episode. I love their sense of style they dress very well and credit goes to Isabella. I only wish that her heart was as pretty as her face and style and her beautiful home. But the prettiest is Soledad, gotta love u girl. I cant wait to see what happens in the end.

- by Eduardo Melendez from Panama
Buenaza telenovela que fue exito total en Panama y convencio a canal 2 de que comenzara a transmitir las novelas de Fonovideo.

- by Ajiambo from Nairobi, Kenya
I love the soap opera so much and if I am not around to see an epsode it's saved on VHS,my heart bleeds for soledad and Alejandro, I love watching the two and pray that their love for each other will survive the pain they are going through right now. The soap's story line is excellent, I salute the script writer, producers, directors and actors for a job well done for what I have seen so far.

- by anonymous from Mexico
Otra gran telenovela de Mariela Romero, a mi parecer esta es una buena novela con elementos de intriga y toda la cosa, pero a mi me hubiera gustado mas ver a Jorge Aravena de protagonista, es mas guapo y mejor actor, aunque Jorgge Reyes jamas soportaria un villano como Aravena... asi que se los paso, pero eso si Danna Garcia la mejor de todas (soy hombre, no soy joto eh...) buena actriz y muy bella. Esta es de las mejores novelas extranjeras que he visto.



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La Revancha

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