Secreto de Amor

Secreto de Amor

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(2001) - Jorge Aravena, Scarlet Ortiz

Summary of Secreto de Amor

Maria Clara is a modern girl, hardworking and willing to confront the world on behalf of her small family. She is about to realize her dream of marrying her longtime boyfriend, Carlos Raúl Fonseca, a local mechanic. But only 20 days before the wedding, Carlos Raul loses his job and he asks Maria Clara to postpone the wedding so that he can go to Miami to find work. Carlos Raul travels to the USA in search of a better future. Maria Clara waits behind, heartbroken. When her mother dies suddenly of a heart attack, Maria Clara follows the advice of her aunt and decides to travel to Miami to find her boyfriend. The last thing she imagined was that he had found himself another woman: Barbara Serrano Zulbaran, a haughty but beautiful and wealthy woman, who had fallen immediately in love with Carlos Raul and promoted him to manage her chain of hotels. Carlos Raul somersaults from poverty into the high life in the blink of an eye. He is all set to marry Barbara, but then Maria Clara shows up.


Scarlet Ortiz .... María Clara Carvajal - main heroine
Jorge Aravena .... Carlos Raúl Fonseca - main hero
Aura Cristina Geithner .... Bárbara Serrano Zulbarán - in love with Carlos Raul, villain
Jorge Luis Pila .... Lizandro Serrano Zulbarán - in love with Maria Clara
Astrid Grúber .... Vilma Altamirano - in love with Lisandro, villain
Carla Ortiz .... Andrea Carvajal - sister of Maria Clara, in love with Lisandro, villain
Griselda Noguera .... Prudencia Santana de Zulbarán - aunt of Lisandro and Barbara
Yadira Santana .... Coralia Hernández - mom of Maria Clara and Andrea
Anna Silvetti .... Victoria Viloria - mom of Braulio
Yul Burkle .... Braulio Viloria - accomplice of Barbara, villain
Humberto Rossenffeld .... Reinaldo Viloria
Hans Christopher .... Amado Cáceres
Lino Ferrer .... Florencio Gordoño
Reinaldo Cruz .... Erasmo Ferrer
Adriana Cataño .... Elisa Ferrer
Ariel López Padilla .... Dr. Ricardo Sandoval - in love with Maria Clara, accomplice of Barbara, villain
Sandro Finoglio .... Luciano Ibáñez
Zúrich Valera .... Natalia Díaz
Annette Vega .... Luna
Lisbeth Manrique .... Lluvia
Luis Masías .... Alexander Ríos
Claudia Reyes .... Melisa Padilla - villain
Yina Vélez .... Inés Lara
Carlos Mesber .... Alfonso
Carolina Vielma .... Pierina
Elluz Peraza .... Teresa
Astrid Carolina Herrera .... Yesenia
Alicia Machado
Diana Quijano .... Isolda - villain
Ana Karina Casanova .... Erika

Writing credits
Alberto Gómez

Song "Secreto de Amor"
Singing: Joan Sebastian

Directed by
Luis Sánchez
Yaki Ortega

Produced by
Alfredo Schwarz (executive producer)
Ricardo Schwarz

Fonovideo Productions and Venevision


- by anonymous
I wish that it was over sometime soon.. it's at the part where Danielita is with Maria Clara, and Carlos just got out of jail... I want it to end happily so that they will get married, and Barbara Serano Sulveran.. can suffer alot!! She deserves it!

- by anonymous
From people of Kenya, Africa who watch this telenovela & like so much but the only thing was not pleasant is that Maria Clara would be very very best actress if she married Lizandro & not Carlos. Lizandro is the best actor in this telenovela, we congratulte you sooo much & we hope to see you soon in the other telenovela in such way & even better. Barbara & Vilma congratulation too.

- by anonymous
Secreto de amor es la novela mas bonita que e visto. Yo la mirava por los papasitos de Jorge Aravena Y Jorge Luis Pila.

- by Klara form Slovenija
I love this telenovela very much. I would also like it very much if Maria Clara did end up falling in love with Lisandro, because he truly loves her, and Carlos Raul doesn't, for if he did he wouldn't marry Barbara. It's that simple. I do like the novela and give it 5 stars! And Scarlet Ortiz is the most beautiful actress I've ever seen!

- by anonymous
The telenovela is still ongoing in Malaysia (mdm. Prudencia has died and Maria Clara & Lisandro have to postponed their wedding). But from what I heard, at the end Maria Clara & Carlos Raul will be together.. YUCKSS!!! how could this be? she's supposed to be with Lisandro who loves her so much!!!

- by anonymous
It's very painful to wait for each episode, that we resort to the net. Now that we know that Carlos Raul will be with Maria Clara... shud b with Lisandro...well... d scriptwriters must have had a reason 4 ending d story dat way...



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Secreto de Amor

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