El Arabe

El Arabe


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(1980) - Enrique Lizalde, Julieta Egurrola

Summary of El Arabe

Diana, the frivolous young English woman, decides to make a trip to Arabia, in spite of the warnings of her brother Luis and Lord Saville. In the desert, the caravan in which travels Diana is assaulted by the men of the sheik Ahmed and Diana is kidnapped. In spite of Diana's resistance, Ahmed makes her his woman. Diana becomes the favorite of the sheik, in spite of the jealousy of his another woman, Zarda. Diana begins to fall in love with him, but Zarda will do everything possible to get rid of her, she even tries to give her to Ibrahim Omar, the enemy of Ahmed. Meanwhile Luis, the brother of Diana, begins to search for her, helped by Lord Saville and Ernesto Illinworth, who is in love with Diana, but is also a friend of the sheik Ahmed. The sheik confesses to Ernesto and Lord Saville that he has kidnapped Diana. That was a revenge for his mother who suffered from the hands of an English man, which turns out to be Lord Saville. Then Ahmed's mother fled to the desert, where she was protected by the sheik Hassan, but Lord Saville is the true father of Ahmed. Ibrahim Omar tries to kidnap Diana and injures Ahmed when he defends her, but Ernesto kills Ibrahim saving the life of Ahmed. Diana decides to remain with the sheik, because she loves him.


Enrique Lizalde .... Ahmed
Julieta Egurrola .... Diana
Norma Lazareno .... Zarda
Claudio Brook .... Lord Saville
José Alonso .... Ernesto Illinworth
Wally Barrón .... Ibrahim Omar
Oscar Servín .... Gastón
Chela Nájera
Guillermo Aguilar
Dina de Marco
Eduardo Borja

Writing credits
E.M. Hull (original story)
Carlos Olmos (adaptation and script)

Cinematography by
Carlos S. Zúńiga

Directed by
Julio Castillo

Produced by
Irene Sabido



- by Saúl from Callao, Perú
Diana, una joven hermosa es secuestrada por unos bandoleros y llega a la presencia del Árabe. Sin pensarlo, se desarrolla un historia de amor.


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El Arabe

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