Catalina y Sebastian

Catalina y Sebastian

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(1999) - Silvia Navarro, Sergio Basañez

Summary of Catalina y Sebastian

After being betrayed by her boyfriend, Catalina Negrete succumbs to family pressure and marries Sebastian, a millionaire rancher. Sebastian is very much in love, but Catalina has married him only for the life of luxury he surely would give her. She and her family get the shock of their lives when she arrives at the ranch to discover that Sebastian lied, that he was only the ranch foreman. In reality, Sebastian was indeed the legitimate son of the wealthy rancher but was testing Catalina to see if she had married him for his money. Proving that this was so, Sebastian takes his revenge by refusing to give her a divorce and forcing her to live as the wife of a poor ranch worker. Little by little, Catalina begins to fall in love with her husband until she finally does not care that he is only a poor working man. But it's too late; Sebastian reveals that he is wealthy and it is he who wants the divorce. Things get complicated when Carmelo, the ranch foreman who took Sebastian's place as the ranch heir and who believes himself to be the bastard son of Sebastian's father, Don Lupe, refuses to return Sebastian's birthright, keeping the ranch and all of the property and money that his father had left him. Carmelo, who has also fallen in love with Catalina, puts her in a quandary: He will give Sebastian back all his money and property only if Catalina will agree to marry him...



Silvia Navarro .... Catalina
Sergio Basañez .... Sebastián
Sergio Klainer .... Gustavo Negrete
Claudia Islas .... Adela
Alberto Mayagoitia .... Carmelo
María Rebeca .... Emilia
Jorge Luis Pila .... Antonio
Christian Cataldi .... Eduardo
Pilar Souza .... Josefa
Fidel Garriga .... Don Lupe
Lili Blanco .... Alicia
Kenia Gazcon .... Silvia
Lissette Salazar .... Jéssica
Eduardo Schillinsky .... Ricardo
Regina Torné .... Antonieta
Antonio De Carlo .... Padre Jeronimo
Géraldine Bazán .... Luisa
Araceli Chavira
Ninel Conde .... Paty
Patricia Conde
Alejandra Lazcano .... Martina
Alma Martínez
Ranferi Negrete .... Ramiro
Ramiro Orci
César Riveros
Lorena Rojas

Writing credits
Ranferi Negrete (original story)
Virginia Quintana R. (adaptation)

Song "No a pedir perdón"
Singing: Ana Gabriel

Song "Bella"
Singing: Ricky Martin

Directed by
Antulio Jiménez Pons

Produced by
Antulio Jiménez Pons
Juan David Burns (general producer)
José Quintanar (general producer)
Elisa Salinas (general producer)

TV Azteca


thanks to Laura
I just can't believe this novela was a success! I admit that the beginning was good enough: it seemed more a romantic comedy than a drama, but as soon as Catalina and Sebastián got married, everything began to fail, and "Catalina and Sebastian" became one of the most boring novelas ever produced: from the wedding onwards, every episode was the same: Catalina trying to show Sebastián that her love is real; Carmelo faking to be Lupe's son and the heir of his ranch; Carmelo and Adela doing their best to separate the couple, and Emilia trying to conquer Sebastián. Always the same. And the last chapters were so full of deaths! They didn't suit at all with the easy-going tone of what had been the rest of the story. The only good things were the chemistry between Sergio and Silvia (the most famous couple in Azteca Tv) and the performances of both the main protagonists and Claudia Islas (can anyone fancy her as a poor, worker woman?) and Alberto Mayagoitia.


- by anonymous
Catalina y Sebastián es un ejemplo de cómo una telenovela mediocre puede mantenerte enganchado al televisor gracias a la potenciación de los 3 ó 4 buenos elementos que tenía, entre ellos: la química entre Silvia Navarro y Sergio Basáñez, una pareja estupenda pero cuyas interpretaciones caían en picado cuando no salían juntos; un par de buenos secundarios como Alberto Mayagoitia (estupendo papel, el mejor de todos los roles); Claudia Islas y poco más; la estupenda canción de Ana Gabriel; y un humor muy refrescante al princpio pero que acabó diluyéndose entre machismo, histerimso y asesinatos.

- by anonymous
Sergio Basanes and Silvia Navarro fell in love with each other while they were starring in this wonderful telenovela. Unfortunately they broke up soon after the end of the movie, but they still are very good friends. Also they both as a couple are Mexico's favourites and play together in "La Calle del las Novias" and "Cuando saes mia".

- by anonymous
Un acierto más de Antulio Jímenez Pons. La comedia involuntaria de Claudia Islas era simplemente deliciosa, la muerte de María Rebecca Lozano fue perfecta. Una telenovela al estilo Valentín Pimstein que tuvo mucho exito en México y Estados Unidos.

- by Lilia Anairam from Mexico
I think this telenovela was nice, the plot was excellent at the beginning, there was a lot of intrigue, love, and moments of fun. The theme was well managed, but at the end the story became a bit like too imaginative, and the end didn't fit very well, though I liked, the couple between the two protagonic actors was good, and the secondary characters did they job as they were meant to. Good job!!!

- by anonymous
This novela was the best I have seen both of the main actors have good chemistry the make a cute couple all of the cast did a good job too congrats the theme was nice it had a lot of intrige which I think is good hope they air it again, I wont miss an episode.

- by anonymous
I think this was the show ever, I mean the plot was good and the two main caracters had a lot of chemistry. I'll give it a 9 and a half out of ten good job guys. Hope they air it again, This time I won't miss an episode.


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Catalina y Sebastian

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