El Chofer

El Chofer


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(1974) - Jorge Rivero, Linda Cristal

Summary of El Chofer

Carmelita, a single woman who lives on a ranch, adopts and raises Jose and Manuel, two orphaned children. Manuel is rebellious, he leaves the home of his adoptive mother and goes to Mexico City to search for adventures. Generous Jose decides to stay with Carmelita and help her with the ranch. One day, a mysterious woman Julia arrives in their lives. Although Julia doesn't tell much about her past, it's obvious that she flees from somebody. Julia is the lover of Luigi and she has left him, leaving her son with the father. Jose and Julia fall in love, but she misses her son and decides to return back to Luigi. Due to the intrigues of a neighbor, Carmelita loses her properties. Jose decides to take his mother to the Mexico City to search for a job and his brother Manuel. In Mexico City he becomes a taxi driver and one night saves the life of a man. The man says to Jose that now he is his brother and he can ask for his help whenever he needs it. This man turns out to be Luigi, the lover of Julia.


Jorge Rivero .... José
Linda Cristal .... Julia
Milton Rodríguez .... Luigi
Susana Alexander .... Tania
Susana Dosamantes .... Pilar
Carlos Piñar .... Andrés
Olga Breeskin .... Nora
Jorge Vargas .... Manuel
Anita Blanch .... Carmelita
Sonia Furió .... Soledad
Sergio Jimenez .... Rogelio
Pilar Pellicer .... Silvia
Armando Silvestre .... Armando
Socorro Avelar .... Olvido
Silvia Mariscal
Guillermo Zarur .... Lobitos
Lourdes Canale .... Lulu
Nelly Menden

Writing credits
Mimí Bechelani (original story and adaptation)

Cinematography by
Jorge Cobos
Ramón Gama

Directed by
Alfredo Saldaña

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



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El Chofer

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