La Cruz de Marisa Cruces

La Cruz de Marisa Cruces


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(1970) - Amparo Rivelles, Carlos Bracho

Summary of La Cruz de Marisa Cruces

Marisa Cruces is a country girl who comes to Mexico City to look for work as a secretary. She lives in a boarding house where she meets Alfredo Roldán, an architecture student. Alfredo falls for Marisa, not knowing she´s having a secret affair with Guillermo Ortega, her boss. When Marisa gets pregnant, Guillermo fires her and ends their relationship. Far from her family and with no one to turn to, Marisa gets a job as a servant of a childless couple who offers to help her. However, when Marisa goes into labor, the couple insists she have her baby at home. When Marisa comes around, after her son's birth, she finds the couple has gone abroad taking the baby with them. Brokenhearted, Marisa returns to the boarding house where Alfredo takes care of her. Marisa accepts to become his wife but she also decides to keep her past from her husband. Several years go by, Alfredo becomes a well-known architect, and Marisa is now a wealthy matron, the mother of three children. Yet her life is disturbed by the presence of two people from her past: Guillermo Ortega and Cristian, her lost firstborn.


Amparo Rivelles .... Marisa Cruces
Jesus Cervantes .... Marcos
Claudia Islas .... Violeta
Carlos Bracho .... Alfredo
Blanca Torres .... Estela
Raul Valerio .... Pedro Acosta
Lupe Andrade .... Lucila
Lucrecia Muñoz .... Juana
Enrique Muñoz .... Juan
Felix Gonzalez .... Carlos
Noé Murayama .... Guillermo Chavez
Jorge Vargas .... Christian
Carmen Montejo .... Clarita
Norma Herrera .... Monica
Yolanda Ciani .... Beatriz
Raquel Olmedo .... Carola
Otto Sirgo .... Hector
Javier Ruan
Silvia Pasquel .... Marisa Cruces (young)
Aarón Hernán
Malena Doria
Mario Cid
Carmen Cortés
Betty Eleta
Gloria Peña
Maresa Monti
Blanca de Liz
Melba Munoz
Martha Bazan

Writing credits
Elsa Martínez (original story)
Francisco Ibarra (adaptation)

Song "Mi Vida es tuya"
Singing: Norma Herrera

Cinematography by
Ernesto Alonso

Directed by
Raúl Araiza

Teleprogramas Acapulco


Further remake of "La cruz de Marisa Cruces" is telenovela "La cruz de Marisa Cruces" (1971, Argentina) with Jorge Salcedo and Silvia Montanari


- by anonymous
De las pocas telenovelas en las que se incluia un tema musical interpretado. Aqui el señor Ernesto Alonso le dio la oportunidad a la joven Norma Herrera de Interpretarlo, se llamaba "Mi Vida es tuya".


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La Cruz de Marisa Cruces

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