El Derecho de los Hijos

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(1971) - Guillermo Murray, Silvia Derbez


The story is about the judicial separation between the parents and their relations with children. Some scenes were filmed in a real court room.



Guillermo Murray
Silvia Derbez
Nadia Milton
Xavier Marc
María Eugenia San Martín
Alejandro Ciangherotti
Martha Patricia
J.A. Monsel

Writing credits
Guillermo S.Casaseca (original story)
María Luz Perea (adaptation)

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



There is a Brazilian version of "El Derecho de los Hijos" called "O direito dos filhos" (1968) written and adapted by Texeira Filho (Iara Curi), with Leila Diniz and Carlos Zara, broadcasted by T. V Excelsior.


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El Derecho de los Hijos

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