Extraños Caminos del Amor

Extranos caminos del amor


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(1981) - Helena Rojo, José Roberto

Summary of Extraños Caminos del Amor

Isabela is a shy and repressed young woman who's devoted her life to care for her ailing mother. One day, in church Isabela glimpses a man who she immediately knows is Mr. Right. The man is entrepreneur Samuel Guerra who also falls for the reserved woman. Isabela's mother dies. In the midst of her sorrow, Isabela impulsively accepts Samuel's proposal and marries him without knowing his past nor the strange family he comes from. On their way to their honeymoon, they have a car accident, and Samuel is crippled. The embittered Samuel brings his virgin wife to his sinister mansion to live with his greedy and mean relatives who covet his fortune and see Isabela as another gold-digger. The one that hates her most is Antonia, her sister in-law. Antonia has never forgiven her brother for killing her lover and father of her bastard son. She has brought up her son Carlos to think of himself as Samuel's sole heir, and poisons him against Isabela. However Carlos and Isabella fall in love. But he tries to fight the feeling by being vicious and arrogant with his uncle's wife. Because of the daily humiliations that she endures from her husband and family, Isabela's nervous system collapses and she starts suffering sleepwalking attacks. When Samuel is found murdered, the whole household is suspected of killing him.


Helena Rojo .... Isabela
José Roberto .... Carlos
Alfredo Leal .... Samuel Guerrra
Magda Guzmán .... Antonia
René Casados .... Miguel
Angélica Chain .... Olga
Gaston Tuset .... Esnesto
Lucy Tovar .... Irene
Antonio Valencia .... Vicente
Jorge del Campo .... Victor
Gloria Mayo .... Sofia
Bertha Moss .... Gertrudis
Daniel Lago .... Enrique
Sergio Goyri .... Alvaro
Angelita Castany .... Rosario
Queta Lavat .... Jacinta
Alberto Insúa .... Muñoz
Consuelo Frank .... Elisa
Maribel Fernández .... Alicia
Enrique del Castillo .... Porfirio

Writing credits
Fernanda Villeli

Song "Extraños caminos del amor"
Singing: José Roberto

Directed by
Alfredo Saldaña

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



- by W.Acevedo from Puerto Rico
Otra buena producción de Don Ernesto Alonso, recuerdo esta telenovela como si fuera ayer. Lo que sufrio Isabela al ser tan maltratada por los ricos herederos que se despedazaban para quedarse con la fortuna del difunto (Alfredo Leal). Pero, lo que fue dolor se tornó en dicha cuando el destino desenrredó los extraños caminos del amor...

- by anonymous
Excelente telenovela, sin los argumentos intrincados y difíciles de ahora, sin chicas encuerándose a la menor provocación.


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Extraños Caminos del Amor

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