El Honorable Sr. Valdes

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(1973) - Ignacio López Tarso, María Elena Marqués

Summary of El Honorable Sr. Valdes

thanks to Gianni Pinotti
Humberto Valdes is tyrant and macho. He is married to Sara and they have two children: Rosalba and Jesus Vega. He is also very hypocritical because under his respected face he hides illegal deeds and he has a secret lover: Andrea. Rosalba decides to rebel against her father and to get out of his influence. By a twist of facts, she gets help from Hector, who is Humberto's right hand. But once married to Hector, Rosalba finds the same situation from which she wanted to escape: mistreatments, injustices... He makes her sing in cabarets because she has a beautiful voice. In short time the double life of Humberto is discovered by the police; he is injured and his family will repudiate him.


Ignacio López Tarso .... Humberto Valdéz
María Elena Marqués .... Sara
Nadia Milton .... Rosalba
Sonia Amelio
Jorge Lavat .... Héctor
Anel .... Andrea
Fernando Larrañaga .... Jesus Vega
María Martin
Fernando Borges
Josefina Escobedo
Guillermo Zarur
Otto Sirgo
Sandra Chávez
Irma Lozano
Ada Carasco
Justo Martínez
Raúl "Chato" Padilla

Writing credits
Mimi Bechelami (original story and adaptation)

Cinematography by
Arturo Salgado

Directed by
Manolo García

Produced by
Valentín Pimstein



"El Honorable Sr.Valdes" is a remake of telenovela "El Profesor Valdez".
There is an argentinean version called "Ese pobre Señor Valdez" (1963).


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El Honorable Sr. Valdes

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