Mañana Sera Otro Dia

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(1976) - Jacqueline Andere, Eduardo Fajardo

Summary of Mañana Sera Otro Dia

Mariana is a young woman from a rich family in Puerto Vallarta. She loves Arturo, also from a wealthy family, but their families are enemies. Her mother Consuelo and his father Juan were once in love and this is the reason for the families' rivality. Mariana becomes pregnant with Arturo's child but he marries another woman, Paola, who dies while giving birth to a girl, Sofía. Mariana leaves her family and goes to Mexico City where she has a son, Roberto. Then Mariana's baby is kidnapped and she will spend her life looking for him. She will devote herself to take care of orphans. Mariana's baby grows up in an orphanage. Then Roberto meets Mariana and Sofía. Mariana meets Arturo and he wants an affair with her. To re-conquer Mariana he pays a boy to pretend to be Mariana's lost son... Then the deceit will be discovered and Mariana will find her son, but she will remain alone.


Jacqueline Andere .... Mariana
Eduardo Fajardo .... Alfonso
Rebeca Iturbide .... Consuelo
Bertha Moss .... Hortensia
Víctor Junco .... Juan
Jorge Vargas .... Arturo
Helena Rojo .... Paola
Nelly Meden .... Patricia
Ma.Fernanda Ayensa .... Patricia (young)
María Rubio .... Olivia
Valentín Trujillo .... Roberto
Carlos Bracho .... Armando
Susana Alexander .... Sofia 
Enrique Novi
Verónica Castro .... Gabriela
Zoila Quiñones
Marty Cosens
Rosario Granados .... Virginia

Writing credits
Fernanda Villeli (original story and adaptation)
Marissa Garido (original story and adaptation)

Cinematography by
Ernesto Alonso

Directed by
Carlos David Ortigoza

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



- by anonymous
I saw it in Puerto Rico and it was the most beautiful novela that I had ever seen.


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Mañana Sera Otro Dia

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