No Temas al Amor

No Temas al Amor


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(1980) - Daniela Romo, Enrique Novi

Summary of No Temas al Amor

thanks to Gianni Pinotti
Alejandra is a photographer who fears of love of Raul Contreras, an orthopedist, because she is engaged to Ernesto Millan, a paralytic racing-driver. Marcos Dario, who is Alejandra's father has a secret affair with Cristina who is Raul's mother. In the past Marcos Dario caused the financial ruin and suicide of Raul's father. Then Alejandra marries and divorces Ernesto because he is violent and jealous. Cristina wants to revenge herself on Marcos Dario for the past but then she discovers that it wasn't really his fault and they get married. Alejandra meets and feels affection to the child Carlitos, mistreated by his parents. At the end Raul gets together with Alejandra but he dies in a car accident and Alejandra will remain alone with their son.


Daniela Romo .... Alejandra
Enrique Novi .... Raul
Armando Silvestre .... Marcos Dario
Chela Castro .... Cristina
Antonio Valencia .... Gerardo
Felix Santaella .... Raymundo
Ana Laura .... Socky
Ernesto Marin .... Carlos
Carmen Delgado .... Marcela
Ana Silvia Garza .... Martha
Dolores Marti .... Marga
Graciela Lara .... Gabriela
Maribel Fernández .... Alicia
Alfonso Kafitti .... Alfonso
Julio Monterde
Felix González
Alejandro Ciangherotti Jr. .... Jacinto

Writing credits
Marissa Garrido (original story)

Directed by
Patricia Lozano



Has 20 episodes, was shown weekly.


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No Temas al Amor

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