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(2001) - Edith González, Guy Ecker

Summary of Salome

Salome lives in the night club D'Ruby, she is the leading dancer of the show; her beauty and sensuality captivates the public. Salome and Karicia are the best friends. Together with Yolanda, the owner of the place, who once used to be the Queen of the Night, they are the core and motor of the night club. "El Figurin" is the gallant of the neighborhood, he is violent, macho and he loves Salome, but she breaks up with him because she dreams of a true love. On the other side of the city, in a mansion, lives the Montesino family. Julio and Angela are married. She is ill and her husband faces the problem and patiently bears the hard marital life that he is forced to live. Julio's despotic mother, Lucrecia, is obsessed with an idea of having a grandson and hates Angela because due to her illness she cannot have children. The destiny brings Salome and Julio together. One glance, one kiss and no longer they can live without each other. Secretly, they will enjoy their deep, but prohibited love...


Edith González .... Salomé - main heroine
Guy Ecker .... Julio - main hero
María Rubio .... Lucrecia - mother of Julio, villain
Aarón Hernán .... Arturo - stepfather of Julio
Mónika Sánchez .... Ángela - wife of Julio
Sebastián Ligarde .... Diego - brother of Angela, villain
Patricia Reyes Spíndola .... Manola - housekeeper in Lucrecia's house
Katie Barberi .... Laura - in love with Julio, mother of Karla
Niurka Marcos .... Karicia - friend of Salome
Roberto Palazuelos .... Beto "El Figurín" - in love with Salome, villain
José Roberto Cantoral .... Lucho
Raúl Castellanos .... Juanito
Milton Cortés .... David "El Matador" - boyfriend of Lola, father of Romina
Iliana de la Garza .... Leonor
Belinda del Villar .... Flaca y ojerosa
Lorena Álvarez .... Luisa
Paty Díaz .... Marta - wife of Hipólito
Andrés García Jr. .... Víctor - lover of Marta
Jaime Garza .... Hipólito - father of two stepsons of Salome
Carlos Eduardo Rico .... Piro - brother-in-law of Hipólito
Rosita Pelayo .... Kikis - neighbour of Hipólito
Leticia Perdigón .... Lola - neighbour of Hipólito, mother of Romina
Pablo Cheng .... Willy - friend and assistant of Salome
Julián Bravo .... Guillermo
Rosy Calderón .... Rosy
Hamen Gómez .... Chivo
Carlos González .... Cairo
Arturo Guízar .... Abel
Rodrigo Vidal .... Dany - gay son of Yolanda, in love with David
Marín Hernández .... Arcadio
Juan Imperio .... Animador
Serio Jiménez .... Arango
Los Joao .... Orquesta
Carmen Molero .... Adela
Yolanda Montes .... Yolanda
Leo Navarro .... Caritas
Romina Ivana Pasos .... Lupita
Armando Quiñónez .... Nicolás
Raúl Ramírez .... Doctor Iñigo
Alejandra Procuna .... Rebecca - in love with Julio, villain
Susana Zabaleta .... Susana - in love with Julio
Ernesto D'Alessio .... José Miguel - son of Salome
Rafael Amaya .... José Julian - son of Salome
José Maria Torre .... José Armando - son of Salome
Alessandra Rosaldo .... Karla - stepdaughter of Julio, girlfriend of Jose Julian
Roberto Vander .... Mauricio - partner of Julio, in love with Salome
Antonio Brenan .... Chava - twin brother of Nacho
Jorge Brenan .... Nacho - twin brother of Chava
Yuliana Peniche .... Money - cousin of Mauro
Damián Mendiola .... Mauro - son of Roberto, in love with Karla
Fernando Robles .... Pancho
Marco Uriel .... Roberto - partner and friend of Julio
Mario Casillas .... Rodrigo - short-term husband of Salome
Thaila Amezcua .... Romina - girlfriend of Jose Miguel
Kelchie Arizmendi .... Natalia - girlfriend of Jose Armando
Constanza Fernández .... Yadhira
Luis Romo .... Manotas
Damián Sarka .... Diente de Oro
Moisés Suárez .... Germán
Teo Tapia .... Gustavo
Thelma Tixou .... Teporocha
Miguel Ángel Cardial .... Serapio
Jacqueline Arroyo .... Irma - wife of Roberto
Eduardo Verástegui .... Himself
Yamile Bolahesen .... Salomé (as a child)
Carlos Szavozd ..... Güerejo - adoptive son of Karicia
Marco Méndez .... León
Patricia Ramírez .... Mercedes
Zully Keith .... Rosario
Yalda .... Ana
Denisse .... Denisse
Jessica Segura .... Estrellita
Silvia Eugenia Derbez .... Brenda
Julio Camejo

Writing credits
Arturo Moya Grau (original story)
Marcia del Río (free version)
Ricardo Tejeda (script editor)
Martha Jurado (script editor)

Song "Si Tú Quisieras"
Written by Adolfo Ángel Alba
Singing: Los Temerarios

Song "Si no te hubieras ido"
Written by Adolfo Ángel Alba
Singing: Marco Antonio Solis

Song "Se me olvidó otra vez" (USA edition)
Singing: Juan Gabriel

Production co-ordinator
Guadalupe Chávez

Production manager
Claudia Calderón

Cinematography by
Gilberto Macín

Directed by
Sergio Jiménez

Produced by
Juan Osorio
Ramón Ortiz Quiñónez (assosiated producer)



"Salomé" is a remake of :
1 vesrion: telenovela "La Colorina" (Chile, Protab para canal 13 UC-TV), where the heroine was played by Liliana Ross and her friend by Violeta Vidaurre, the gallant was Patricio Achurra.
2 version: telenovela "Colorina"
3 version: telenovela "Apasionada" (1993, Argentina, Televisa) with Susú Pecoraro and Darío Grandinetti.


thanks to Kris, California
Incredible bad! One of the worst novelas I ever saw, with the full "telenovelaland" package. Half of the story is situated in a hospital, almost all personages at some point of the story get in different kind of accidents. For your information: there is only one doctor in the whole Mexico city. He is a family doctor, he is also an OB-GYN, he is also a surgeon, not mentioning that his patients are from all social classes - poor, rich, bums, millionaires... When anybody gets sick in D.F., he or she will definitely end up as a Dr.Inigo's patient. Also, there is only one detective in D.F., he investigates all crimes committed in the city, starting with robbery and ending with kidnap and murders. The criminals know him personally and also take a revenge on him personally, poor guy. Forgot to mention that an alcoholic and bum (Karicia) has a dirty face, but nice long polished nails (probably Niurka won't lose her manicure for anything in the world). This list can go on and on. The main "intrigue" of the novela is: who is Salome's son? Well, novela was so long, bad and boring that at the end I personally didn't even care anymore who her son was, though it was obvious from the very beginning. Very disappointed with Guy and Edith, they shouldn't participate in such crap.


- by anonymous
Muy interesante la telenovela, pero me gustaba el comienzo de ella cuando Karicia y Salome bailaban en el Salon del Ruby, ya que me gustaban sus bailes y en especial las canciones en las que Karicia bailaba y una que creo que le llego al corazon de muchas personas fue la balada en la que ella lloraba.

- by anonymous
Soy mexicana y vivo en Alemania... y mi sorpresa es que me topo con la tal Salomé que es un refrito mal hecho (y supernaco) de Colorina (que ya de por si.... ). QUE HORROR!. Habiendo guiones mejores tienen que vender lo peorcito. Por cierto, la telenovela la tienen para reirse un rato. Vaya famita de idiotas tenemos gracias a Televisa...

- by Adriana
In my opinion Salome was a great telenovela. Edith Gonzalez is an excellent actress. And I think Guy Ecker was the perfect man for her. This novela was so good that everyday I've seen it, it always left something good for the next day. They are all great actors and actresses and everybody body were good as performing good and being a villain. Salome is like a different story compare to most of them that are basically about the same thing. I also like the way Niurka act. She was great and I think her and Edith Gonzalez made a good couple acting as the best friends they were in the novela. Then songs were great I mean everything. And I would see it as many times more if they ever pass it again. Hey You guys you did. The best novela for me of the year.

- by anonymous
La verdad Salome no tuvo en Mexico el mismo exito que tuvo su antecesora Colorina con Lucia Mendez, y es que Juan Osorio no realizo bien la historia que Colorina fue un clasico ya, y fue historico, Salome solo queda como una novela mas.

- by anonymous
One of the worst Mexican telenovelas ever seen. Diego can kill anyone, whom does he want, but he can't be arrested. Salome cries half a telenovela, while Guy is walking here and there, asking, who does really he love? Rebecca always wears mini skirts, like she is a.... and Mauricio actually doesn't know, what does he want. Salome's sons play very bad and they seem to don't even care, who is real Salome's son. Dr. Inigo is actually the only doctor in Mexico Hospital, he knows all the rich families in the same town. Very bad doctor, but much better than telenovela.

- by W. Acevedo from Puerto Rico
Esta fue una super pesimisima mala version de aquella gran teleserie Colorina. Aquella SI que daba gusto sentarse a verla, pero esta fue una estupida que el unico efecto que pudo haber tenido fue el de restarle a Colorina. Si el Sr. Pimstein viera esta teleserie, sufriría un infarto.



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