Sin Ti

Sin Ti

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(1997) - Gabriela Rivero, René Strickler

Summary of Sin Ti

Sagrario Molina is a young woman who has dedicated herself to help others. She is a teacher of biology in an exclusive collage for girls and in her free time she voluntary attends a shelter for the children with cancer. After the death of her mother, she also takes care of her widow sister and her two nephews. In the collage, Sagrario meets the stranger who, five years ago, consoled her when her mother passed away, and whom she always remembered. Luis David Luján is a famous journalist who also gives classes of literature in the collage. Eventually Sagrario falls in love with him. Nevertheless, Luis David is also being courted by the student Maria Elena Eyzaguirre. Maria Elena is a capricious and spoiled daughter of a rich man, Guillermo. Her father has given her all the luxuries, but not his paternal love. In order to flee from the sexual harassment of his student, Luis David marries the timid Sagrario, but Maria Elena manages to separate them. Sagrario divorces only to discover that she is pregnant. Then Guillermo Eyzaguirre enters her life and offers her help, and Sagrario ends up being the stepmother of Maria Elena.


Gabriela Rivero .... Sagrario
René Strickler .... Luis David
Roberto Vander .... Guillermo
Adamari López .... María Elena
Saby Kamalich .... Dolores
Irán Eory .... Mercedes
Raúl Magaña .... Mauricio
Gabriela Goldsmith .... Prudencia
Isabel Andrade .... Crescencia
Vanessa Angers .... Leonor
Rosita Bouchot .... Irene
Consuelo Duval .... Gloria
Rebeca Mankita .... Katy
Marina Marín
Evangelina Martínez .... Gertrudis
Justo Martínez .... Dr. Juárez
Servando Manzetti .... Nicolás
Mercedes Molto .... Brenda
Carlos Monden .... Profesor Prado
Polly .... Aurelia
Adriana Rojo .... Profra. Rojo
Myrrah Saavedra .... Evelia
Fernando Sáenz .... Mateo
Sergio Sánchez .... Amadeo
Yadira Santana .... Angustias
Ricardo Vera .... Lic. Gómez
Liza Willert .... Profra. Torres
Luis Maya .... Pablito
Montserrat de León .... Lupita
Francesca Guillén .... Sandra
Germán Gutiérrez .... César
Renée Varsi .... Abril
Lourdes Reyes .... Ángeles
Marco Antonio Calvillo .... Baltazar
Gustavo Rojo .... Angeles Grandfather
Julio Mannino .... Beto
Teresa Tuccio
Jeanette Candiani
Abraham Ramos
Diana Golden
Grettel Valdez

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)
Gabriela Ortigoza (writer)
Esther Alicia Cabrera C. (script editor)

Song "Vuelve"
Written by Franco de Vita, Robi Rosa and K.C. Porter
Singing: Ricky Martin

Art director
Juan José Urbini

Production co-ordinator
Ignacio Alarcon

Production manager
Silvia Cano

Cinematography by
Gilberto Macin
Alberto Rodriguez

Directed by
Marta Luna
Luis Eduardo Reyes

Produced by
Angelli Nesma Medina
María de Jesús Arellano (associated producer)



"Sin ti" is a remake of telenovela "Verónica"


- by anonymous
Esta ves el remake supero a la original "Veronica", pues Sin Tí resulto mucho mejor tu grandes actuaciones y un final inesperado, que tuvo a todos en suspenso....

- by anonymous
Adamari Lopez fue el factor detonante para el exito de esta historia, tanto asi que alcanzó mas popularidad de la misma Gaby Rivero.

- by anonymous
Adamari Lopez was the best Teen Villain of 1998 when it was aired on Univision on March 1998. Last seen in 2001 on Galavision.

- by anonymous
Existe otra telenovela llamada Abigail (Venezuela 1989) con Catherine Fulop, Fernando Carillo e Hilda Abrahamz, pero el personaje protagónico es la chica caprichosa.


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Sin Ti

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